Monday, May 5, 2014

Walla Walla Wonderful

I wonder if  we brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in Walla Walla what would happen? It would be wonderful. We are working on it.
You should see the trees and the flowers and the mountains and the streams. Those things are wonderful.
The most wonderful thing about Walla Walla has to be the ward I am serving in, though. We have a great ward family that has been waiting for sisters for while. They are so excited to come out with us and feed us and build up their little piece of Zion we can barely handle their excitement. We've got 10 year old girls asking if they can come teaching with us. How adorable is that?
We have met lots of great people. I feel that some of the people that we are teaching are having a bit of a hard time dealing with their last set of missionaries getting doubled out- but we will continue to work with them and help them.
Mother's Day is this weekend- the day when missionaries call home. That will be a fun experience.
These are some of the cool things that I've seen this week.

I love you all.
Remember who you are and what you stand for Mosiah 18:9

Sister Caroline Faulkner

P.S. Shout out to Sister Reyes for teaching me enough Spanish to Open My Mouth and share a little bit of my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to people who only speak Spanish. I've had a chance to talk to 5 people in Spanish this week and two of them said that we could send the Spanish speaking Elders to visit them!! That was really fun and exciting. I am having a blast. 

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