Monday, April 28, 2014

Double Trouble

Welcome to Walla Walla Land of the Wheat home of the not-so-free state penitentiary!

Walla Walla has Everything. 


More cute sheep can be seen at this website


Cool Streams!

And Cinnabon Delights!

 A Fox!! I saw a fox and I did not get a picture of it because it was bounding away from us. But it was a moment I had been waiting for for about 12 years. It has always been a dream of mine to see a fox not in a zoo. 

This is not a real fox. Nor do I have permission to watch this video on my mission. Thanks to Lisa for sharing it for me. 


For the record it is against my better judgement to include this video.

Getting Doubled in Means that neither me nor my new companion Sister Owens knows the area at all. So we had some fun getting lost. Hence the mountain picture.  

I'll miss Moses Lake and Sister Reyes. But she'll have a blast holding down the fort while I continue to get lost and meet great new people down here.

We live in  an apartment! Not with Members. And the previous Elders were nice and did some DEEP Cleaning. 

We have a car. Which may be more stress than it's worth. (Let's just say we got REALLY lost.)

I don't know why I worried about training. Sister Owens came Pre-trained. She knows how to do most everything. As soon as we learn the area and get into the swing of things we'll be doing just fine. We already have lots of appointments for this week!

Eternal Truth for the Week: People love Sister Missionaries. Sisters and Elders are good at different things. After a while of having Elders our ward was really very excited to have Sisters. We already have 12 days in May on which ward members have volunteered to come out with us for a little while. They loved the Elders very much - and from the note that the Elders left us - I can tell that they loved the ward back.

Still. People love Sister Missionaries. 


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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