Monday, April 27, 2015

What marvelous light I did behold

This week we read President Eyring's conference talk in our companionship study. I think that we may use this in the future to teach about the law of the fast. It was a really powerful. It's amazing to hear about the sacrifices that people make to serve God and their brothers and sisters all over the world. I want to have that kind of Christlike love and dedication. I realized that the fast has been implemented as a way of taking care of the poor since Old Testament times. That seems to have always been a part of Christ's church. It makes sense. When we fast we give up two meals that someone else can eat.

We had a really beautiful family get baptized this weekend. I love them so much. Their member friends in Oregon sent a referral. We got a text "Go visit these people. Here is their address" We went and found that they were ready and excited to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We come to love people so much as we watch the truth change their lives. I am excited to come back in a year and be there with them when they are sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.
I love my companion, Sister Gresham. She is so determined to serve, though she deals with a lot of physical challenges. Sometimes she is in pain. I try not to let her get too broken. She is really determined to serve, though.
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As I watch people come closer to Christ I am filled with joy. When I watch them give up it breaks my heart. We see a lot of both. The scriptures show us that this path has never been without opposition. The scriptures also testify of the peace and the limitless joy that fills us when we are about Christ's work. This work has also brought me low many times. I have felt a minute portion of Christ's love for these people, and with that comes a tiny, tiny portion of His sorrow for them when they choose not to come to Him. We feel so little of His infinite love, and so little of His infinite pain, but it is enough to overwhelm a person with joy or anguish from time to time. I've learned that there is more joy than sorrow, though. We don't experience anything anywhere near what He did, but what we do feel changes us.
I love this work!!!
Alma 26 is Ammon'swords about his mission. I feel just what He feels. 
This link has some verses highlighted that meant a lot to me this week.

Thanks for your love and support. Share the gospel.


Sister Caroline Faulkner

Monday, April 20, 2015

In Summer!

Summer is a miracle! The days are longer, it's not as cold, people are outside walking around at all hours of the day. Being a missionary in the summer time is pretty fantastic- also we start harvesting all sorts of delicious fresh fruits very soon.

In Summer, you can knock on people's doors at night, and they don't get mad because it's still light outside so they don't feel like it's all that late. There are also frequently families together at home.
Technically, it isn't Summer yet. It won't actually be Summer until the day I give my homecoming talk in church (June 21st everyone is welcome) but it feels like summer, so I'm happy. We also have many beautiful flowers and these magical floating fuzzballs – that I've been told come from cottonwood trees – everywhere. Although no one has been able to point out which tree that is yet.
We have two really golden people getting baptized on Saturday. They are some of the most prepared people I've ever met. It's pretty cool.

A recent convert in the Branch gave his farewell address. It was really cool. He is on fire and it is great to see a recent convert doing so well. It's a testimony that even though it's hard for a lot of converts to hold on - they can make it. He is helping his family to come closer to Christ as well. He goes to the temple this week. We are so excited for him. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

I heard from the Pendleton Sisters that the gentleman I taught that got baptized in Walla Walla is still active. He got baptized August 23rd. He's doing really well. That brought me more joy than I can describe.

 I just got a letter that a family I started teaching while I was in Selah is getting baptized May 9th.I am excited to be there for them on that day. I've also heard that they young man that got baptized after I left is still doing really well.
I don't use names because I don't want to share them, not because these people are not precious to me. I hope that you all know that. I love these people so dearly it's hard to describe.
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Faulkner

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Greetings!

There are certain occasions that open people's hearts to the Holy Spirit and turn their thoughts toward Christ. In a world who's values are growing farther and farther from the commandments of God and a culture that tries to persuade us to turn our heads and deny the miracles and grace of our Father in Heaven, Easter is a bright light, and a needed reminder of God's love and His plan for His children. I know that most of these holidays came out of some pagan tradition and I've decided that I'll take anything that points people to Christ and use it for His work.
Honestly, I don't think that most people have forgotten what's right. I think that the media and the internet have a tendency to make the minority appear to be the majority (aside from all of the beautiful, useful things that they can be used for). Still, with Babylon screaming in your face day and night, it's good to have an excuse to talk about our Savior's love and our Father's plan.
Sister Gresham and I have been taking full advantage of the Easter season to share our message of the restored gospel. It was easier this year because General conference happened this weekend as well (another one of those occasions that we love to use to help people feel the Spirit and see how God works in our lives today.)  We've loved inviting people to watch as living prophets and apostles testified of the living Christ- just like prophets and apostles did anciently.
We also enjoyed Easter candy, flowers, and sunshine.
I love springtime. I love that the days are getting longer and that more people are outside. I love being the Lord's missionary- especially at Easter and at conference. We love watching conference and getting rebuked by the apostles and Spirit. Now I have all sorts of goals for the next few months. I have all sorts of new ideas about how the Lord needs me to be a better missionary and what He wants me to change. I've learned that there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone. I think that's why we have transfers. Once you get comfortable, it's time to have a new growing experience.
Christ lives!! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Caroline Faulkner