Monday, April 14, 2014

Excuses Excuses

Sorry about all of the missed weeks. Things got a little bit Crazy with a temple trip and the library where we email being closed for a week. I'll make up for it. Maybe.

I'm pretty sure the old adage is "April showers bring May flowers," but I think the flowers got a little bit confused. Moses Lake is covered in flowers right now.

Magnolias, Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths are popular. There are also those icky-smelling pink or white trees that we also have in Provo. 

My companion saw deer for the first time in her life. 
We are coming up on the end of my third beautiful transfer in Moses Lake. I have grown to love this little town even more than I loved it when I came. 

I am having tons of fun learning a little bit of Spanish from my bi-lingual companion. This week I learned how to tell people about asking questions in prayer and how to say whether I want or like something. Useful stuff. 

Easter is this Sunday and I would like to share a really great video about Jesus Christ.

Christ's Sacrifice changes everything about my life. Because of Him, I am where I am. Because of Him, I have hope that my family can be together forever. Because of Him, I can change and repent every day and return to live in my Heavenly Father's presence one day. His sacrifice for each of us inspires me to love others.

Time for three Eternal Truths that do not pertain to Salvation.

1. Mail is worth it's weight in gold. Missionaries love mail. It means that someone loves them.

2.  Flowers bring joy to people. Weeds that have flowers do not bring as much joy to people. If we allowed flowering weeds to grow in our gardens they would last longer and require less care than the flowers that we work so hard to maintain. 

3. People come outside when it's warm. They stay inside when it is cold. It is way easier to find people to talk to when it's warm outside.

There are the kittens that I didn't really take in but I am claiming as my own- even though other people take care of them and feed them. 

I love you all. Happy Easter. With all the new life we see around us - let us look to Christ and remember the light and life that He offers us every day.


Sister Faulkner

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