Monday, March 31, 2014

Come! Listen to a Prophet's Voice!

Imagine you lived in the days of Isaiah, Abraham, Jeremiah, or Moses. You knew that there was a living prophet of God- a special witness of Jesus Christ on the Earth- and he was coming to your town. What would you do to be there? Would you want to know what he had to say?

Our loving Heavenly Father calls Prophets and Apostles- men with the responsibility and authority to lead and guide God's church under the direction of Jesus Christ. Every 6 months they speak to the world. The words that Jesus Christ wants us to hear today- to give us guidance for our day just like He gave guidance to prophets of old as recorded in the Bible. This weekend they speak again. They will testify of Jesus Christ, His love, and His gospel. 

It will be on the internet (Click Here) the television, and in some places on the radio this weekend. It will be available in meetinghouses across the world. 

10 AM and 2 PM Saturday if you live in Utah, 9:00 and 1:00 in Washington or Arizona, and accessible after the live broadcasts on (Click Here)

It's been fun inviting everyone to watch it. Learning about living prophets makes a huge difference in people's lives. It means that Christ still speaks- and He loves us as much as He loves the people who lived before He came to this Earth to perform His mortal ministry and Atoning sacrifice for us. 

It has always been hard for people to accept living prophets - Noah, Jeremiah, even Jesus Christ were denied by many people while they taught on Earth. I know that we have a living prophet on the Earth today who testifies of Jesus Christ. But that is something that each person has to learn personally by prayer.

That is what we invite people to do. Pray and find out by the Holy Spirit.

This week was tough. We've been less able to go out and visit people because we've sick. We lost one of the people we were teaching - and some of the people we haven't lost aren't progressing like I wish they were. Sometimes the work is hard. As Elder Holland said "Salvation is not a cheap experience." But, as I watch people decide not to act in faith and learn for themselves or act on what they have learned, I feel Christ's love. I understand His sacrifice for me a little bit more. I love Him more and I want to serve Him.

Yesterday I found a street in our area that I have never been on. It was like Christmas. More people to talk to. 

People have been really nice to us, too. I can always count on our ward to support the missionaries.

My companion learned how to put my hair in corn rows.

This is one of my favorite letter pictures so far.

I FINALLY learned how to do that missionary trick with my hands. The one where you make a snapping sound without snapping.

I love you all. Stay faithful, stay stalwart. Keep up the amazing. 

Sister Caroline Faulkner

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