Monday, March 10, 2014

When Transfers Call

That should be the title of a horror movie. Transfers are so stressful! I am starting to go gray, folks. But it's okay because...

I'm Staying in Moses Lake! I'm losing my trainer! But that's okay. My new companion has been out a while and I'm sure she's amazing. We have had a really great few weeks- despite the weather (sometimes) and some difficulties with our investigators- we have been really happy! We have really felt Christ's love for us. I'll be sad to see my companion go on Wednesday, but she'll have fun- she's been here so long it'll be good for her to get out of our tiny little area.
It's a new transfer!! That means I get to make a new planner! I'll post pictures when that happens.
I'll also continue to send beautiful letters. These are my favorite:

We made transfer predictions- which were mostly incorrect.(that's me with the chalkboard)

Somebody in our neighborhood decided to put a creepy mannequin in his car! Scared me half to death!

And I made my own Plan of Salvation cutouts to use to teach about our purpose in this life!

One of the Sisters who was in our zone made a list of "10 Eternal Truths that do not Pertain to Salvation" That she has learned on her mission.  I have decided to come up with some of my own and include them in my posts. the first is this:
1. If you are going to take your child out of Sacrament Meeting- you had better make it a lot less fun than it is to be in Sacrament Meeting.
This is something my trainer taught me. It doesn't describe one child or parent- rather it describes the struggle that many (all) righteous parents face as they do their best to rear their children in righteousness. I have compassion for them. I know their struggle. Struggling parents, know that we love you dearly.
This transfer shall be full of splendor and miracles!

Sister Caroline Faulkner

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