Monday, June 30, 2014

What's in a Name?

Let's take the seriousness down a notch and talk about names. I've been thinking about this for a while. Have you ever met those people who's names are not pronounced the way that they are spelled? Example Carolyn and Caroline. I was taught that in English phonics "The silent E makes the vowel say it's name" A silent "E" makes a long vowel hence Carolyn (Care-oh-lin) and Caroline (Care-o-line) 

Even place names like Sardina (pronounced Sar-din-ia)

I try to explain to people that those letters don't make that sound. Where did that extra sound come from? I try to explain that the entire purpose of having letters is so that we can know how words are pronounced when we read them- therefore things should be spelled phonetically. People say "It doesn't matter how it's spelled. This is how it's pronounced!" 

I've decided that I may name one of my children F-R-A-N-K pronounced "Bob" just to make a point.But in all honesty I would never do that. 

In other news- two investigators in the Spanish group got married on Saturday and my very talented companion Sister Owens did the bride's hair. It was beautiful. I played prelude music. (Anyone who has heard me play the piano will know that that was not as beautiful). Working in the kitchen I learned all sorts of Spanish. Words like "Platito" meaning "Little Plate." I love learning.

Well - I hope that all is well and that the world has not exploded in the last 7 months (not that I would know about it if it did. Missionary work would just keep on going). Thanks to all of the beautiful, wonderful people who wrote me letters this week. You know who you are. 

Keep up the fight. 1 Corinthians 16:13. Galations 5:7.

Love Always,

Sister Caroline Faulkner

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Key to Happiness

I've decided to make a list of ways to be happy. I find them to be very helpful.

1. Pray for comfort. No one knows what you are going through like Christ does. He promises to run to our aid as we reach out to Him. Remember that in Matthew 14 Christ reached out to Peter immediately as he asked for help.

2. Read your scriptures. Opening yourself up to God's guidance and his Spirit will help you to:

3. Focus on the Eternal 

4.Take a moment for positive and active reflections, or in other words:

5. Count your blessings. 

6. Serve - temple service especially helps me to refocus on what is most important. When we forget ourselves and go to work we do much better.

7. Reorganize your priorities. Focus on those pursuits that lead to lasting peace and happiness. Having the courage to rid ourselves of amusing, but negative, influences can pay dividends in the future.

8. Go about doing good. Work hard; get involved in a cause bigger than yourself (like missionary work!); be constructive.

9. Repent. Repentance is forward looking. It focuses us on what we can become and involves letting go of those actions and influences which make us miserable.

10 Surround yourself with good influences. Inspirational music and art, good friends, and ice cream are some of my favorites.

11. Take steps in faith. Faith and fear cannot coexist. As we have faith we do hard things and trust God to give us the strength that we need.

As we all try to be the best that we can be- sometimes we get down on ourselves because we think that we aren't doing enough or we let someone else's opinion get us down. Remember your worth in God's eyes. Remember the strength that comes from doing His will. (His strength instead of our own). Then get up and work. As we take steps in faith, we find the road to be more solid beneath our feet than the world would have us believe. Set your sights on the eternal, but take is a day at a time. Be content with improvement instead of perfection.


Sister Caroline Faulkner

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Greetings

Not all of us come from perfect families and sometimes Mother's Day and Father's Day are a little bit difficult for people. I was blessed with parents that love me very much and I am grateful for the example and support that they give me. I couldn't be here without them. Their faithfulness gave me an opportunity to develop the testimony that I share. 

No matter what our circumstances, we all have a Father in Heaven who loves us more than we can imagine, who also gave us life and would love to hear from us. In the Spirit of Father's day and on every day- I invite us all to reach out and strengthen ties with our Heavenly Father. Spending a little bit of time with him through study and prayer, or in the temple, are the best ways I can suggest to do that. 

Heavenly Father has given us our families for this life and for eternity to watch over us, to help us to learn and grow, and to help us feel His love. 

While I am out here in the mission field, I cannot be with my family - but I know that the Lord gives them great blessings for the support that all of them give me. I love my dad, I am thankful for his love for me - he knows I have to be away right now. 

A missionary is a person who leaves their family for a little while so that other people can be with their families forever. 

Because the power given to prophets in the past has been restored to the Earth today - and we have a living prophet called of God, with power and authority from Jesus Christ - the power to seal families together for eternity is on the Earth today. 

Everyone needs to know about this. 

God lives. He speaks. He is our Father and He loves us more than we can imagine. Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer. He makes it possible for us to find peace in this life and eternal happiness in the life to come. 

So thank your Father. 

Pictures from our temple trip yesterday:

Monday, June 9, 2014


This is Ashley, right before she left on her mission. She left for the Colorado Denver North Mission this week.

She left us a kind note and some fun treats.

Some of the members brought us cherries, they were fresh!!

No letter this week. Next week will be late because we are going to the temple.

Monday, June 2, 2014

You Are Enough

This week's blog post is written to all of those who feel inadequate or discouraged- which is all of us at some point.
The miracle of Christ's atoning sacrifice is that because He is perfect - and He paid the price - we don't have to be. That doesn't eliminate our personal responsibility. But it means that when we covenant with Him at baptism, and we truly give our lives to Him, Christ is able to take away the demand for perfect performance and require instead our best effort. Justice demands that no unclean thing can dwell in God's presence- but Christ is able to make us clean if we let Him.

I like this talk by Brad Wilcox all about God's grace and His love.

Because of Christ it doesn't matter what you've done. It doesn't mater how bad you think you are right now. It isn't possible for you to be insignificant to God. Believe me, and the Spirit, when we tell you in unison that you are of value to Christ. That He dies to save you because you are worth that sacrifice in His eyes. It doesn't matter if you have never held a calling or achieved success in this life that you felt was significant. It doesn't mater what you or anyone else thinks of you or if anyone notices you. God knows you perfectly and your efforts are enough.

Be a small and simple means in God's hands. Trust him with the effort that you can put forth. Be content with improvement. Know that the Lord has enough goodness to fill you with happiness and to make you strong. When we give our hearts to Christ we replace our strength with His.
There is nothing we can face today that the Lord and I can't handle. I see more and more on my mission that I am not enough but my best effort matters to God.
Be strong. Have courage. You are a small and simple means that can bring about great things if you trust Christ and give all of your effort to Him. (Alma 37) You can't save yourself or accomplish a great work alone. But you can do all things through Christ. (Philippians 4) Through you He can do great things and you can have the privilege of participating in His great work.

Sister Caroline Faulkner