Monday, June 23, 2014

The Key to Happiness

I've decided to make a list of ways to be happy. I find them to be very helpful.

1. Pray for comfort. No one knows what you are going through like Christ does. He promises to run to our aid as we reach out to Him. Remember that in Matthew 14 Christ reached out to Peter immediately as he asked for help.

2. Read your scriptures. Opening yourself up to God's guidance and his Spirit will help you to:

3. Focus on the Eternal 

4.Take a moment for positive and active reflections, or in other words:

5. Count your blessings. 

6. Serve - temple service especially helps me to refocus on what is most important. When we forget ourselves and go to work we do much better.

7. Reorganize your priorities. Focus on those pursuits that lead to lasting peace and happiness. Having the courage to rid ourselves of amusing, but negative, influences can pay dividends in the future.

8. Go about doing good. Work hard; get involved in a cause bigger than yourself (like missionary work!); be constructive.

9. Repent. Repentance is forward looking. It focuses us on what we can become and involves letting go of those actions and influences which make us miserable.

10 Surround yourself with good influences. Inspirational music and art, good friends, and ice cream are some of my favorites.

11. Take steps in faith. Faith and fear cannot coexist. As we have faith we do hard things and trust God to give us the strength that we need.

As we all try to be the best that we can be- sometimes we get down on ourselves because we think that we aren't doing enough or we let someone else's opinion get us down. Remember your worth in God's eyes. Remember the strength that comes from doing His will. (His strength instead of our own). Then get up and work. As we take steps in faith, we find the road to be more solid beneath our feet than the world would have us believe. Set your sights on the eternal, but take is a day at a time. Be content with improvement instead of perfection.


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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