Monday, May 19, 2014

So Nice They Named it Twice

Walla Walla has been an adventure thus far, and it will probably continue to be one. I'll probably be here for at least two transfers since Sister Owens is training. Several of our investigators are doing much better this week and we've found some new people to teach. Soon we are going to get some of them to church. 
Note: Easiest way to help people to come to church is to be their friend so they do not have to be alone in a new place. Another is to invite them on a tour of the church building with their friend so that they have an opportunity to see that it isn't scary or weird. So that they feel comfortable.
Many concerns that prevent people from trying things out or continuing to learn about the restored gospel are social concerns. If you can help people feel loved, they have an easier time trying things out.
You have to be NICE. Luckily, Walla Walla is famous for being nice. The members here have been really kind to us and have done a lot to reach out to the people coming into the church. I am very proud of them.
Sister Owens and I are really enjoying the work here. People refer us to their friends and neighbors - even when they aren't interested. Sometimes, those people even say that we can come back. We love these people. We want to help them.
I am going to bring up a point that I brought up in one of my very early blog posts. It has meant a lot to me recently. We are not out here for us. We are not out here to force our faith on the unsuspecting people of Walla Walla. It wouldn't be worth my time and there is nothing for me to gain in that. We want to invite others to come to Christ because we know how much that has meant to us. I cannot express in words what it has meant to me- so all I can do is invite others to try it and feel it for themselves. That's why we are here. Because we want to serve God's children and we love them. Don't you dare let anybody tell you otherwise.
Luckily, most people recognize that.
The message we carry is a message of love. Christ's love. The most powerful love there is.

Also new favorite breakfast food is a burrito made of Nutella, Greek yogurt and frozen fruit. It's the best.

Sister Caroline Faulkner
Have a Walla Walla Wonderful Week.

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