Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day​

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I got to call home- which was a good experience. My family ha been a really great support to me while I've been out here. Thank to all of you who write me and who read my blog and who pray for my companion, the people we teach, and for me. I feel that strength.

One person who has given me a lot of help is my particularly stalwart older sister Lisa who has been faithfully updating this blog and helping people to get in touch with me. All I can say is thank you and also: 

Walla Walla Zone has more sisters than it has Elders. Which is exciting. We have a lot of fun. I love this Sisters in our zone. Here we are.

People in Walla Walla also tend to have really nice yards with creeks running through them and little artificial lakes that make me jealous. So I awkwardly took a picture with one or two of them for your benefit. The things I do for you people.

 This weekend was the hot air balloon festival. This is the one we saw. It looked a lot cooler in person.

Also- this is a little piece of Walla Walla for you. It' an Alligator made of doughnut and frosting given to u by one of the recent converts in our ward. 

I was moved by the story of Hannah this mother's Day and by her testimony of God' love. It inspired me to remember that "after much tribulation... cometh the blessing". The Lord is aware of our faith, our desires to serve Him, and our needs. He wants to help us. Sometimes that means that the blessings we want right now have to wait. But God promises every blessing to the faithful.


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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