Monday, February 9, 2015

De Ja Vu

Transfer calls same a couple of days ago. Of course we knew that Sister Lindmeir would be headed home (she goes to the mission home today). I get to stay in Richland. My new companion is an old companion. I am getting Sister Allred again. The area won't suffer too much for losing Sister Lindmeir since Sister Allred has all of the devotion, diligence, obedience, and enthusiasm that Sister Lindmeir has. Remember that Sister Lindmeir trained Sister Allred. I now know where she got some of that zeal for the work of salvation.

Speaking of trainers- Sister Owens is training a new missionary this transfer!!

Sister Allred and I will be tearing it up here in Richland for at least six weeks. We are pretty excited about this coming transfer. We saw a couple really cool miracles this week. Last night we were referred to a family that has been meeting with missioonaries in Kennewick, and they are so excited to be married and to be baptized. They have already shown significant faith and repentance. I love the light in people's eyes as people show faith and repentance. When people feel the Spirit testify of truth and they feel God's love a change comes into their countenance. They look different. They talk differently. The spirit causes a person's countenance to reflect Christ's image and His light.

Some of the members gave us live violets this week. It made me think of my grandmother, Violet Faulkner. So I named the violets Johnny. I'll post a picture next week.

I would love to write more, but we have to take Sister Lindmeir to the mission home, so I have to go. Have a wonderful week!!!


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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