Monday, November 17, 2014


This week we saw lots of great miracles. We had a bunch of people in church. Probably the best-attended sacrament meetings (as far as investigators go) that I've seen in the 11.5 months I've been out.

Then there were the great moments where the Lord led us exactly where we needed to go, and helped us find people who needed our message.

Another miracle is the fact that it didn't snow. Even though everyone said that it would.

It did snow in Tri-Cities – which is where I am going on Wednesday. I'm sad to be transferring away from Sister Donnelly. We were going to hit our year mark together, and then have Thanksgiving and Christmas here. I'm sure that my new area will be just as cool. I've been asked to be a Sister Training Leader – which just means that I go on exchanges with the other Sisters in Richland and Kennewick and I help take care of their emotional needs. I'm sad, because it means that I probably won't get to train a new missionary again, but the Lord knows what I need to do to grow. He knows better than me where I am needed.

Today as I studied I learned that the Lord can only give us answers as often as we are obedient. He waits for us to show that we are listening to the council that He has already given us before He gives us more. I think that's really important. We have to be willing to listen. I am praying for you. Let us be thankful for what our Father has already given us.

Be strong and of a good courage!


Sister Faulkner

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