Monday, November 10, 2014


Autumn is here like I've never seen it before. Last week almost all of the trees were bright orange, yellow and red. This week most of those leaves are now on the ground. The cold is starting to threaten us, and it's getting dark before 5 PM.

Many people have taken out their gardens, and now they are starting to talk about snow. This is what fall actually feels like, I guess. It's windier than I expected.

My companion, Sister Donnelly, had to go to the dentist this week. The poor thing narrowly avoided a root canal. That's why we don't let cavities go unchecked. She was a real trooper, though. She had more courage than I usually show when presented with Novocain shots and dentist's drills.

I am still on the lookout for relatives around here. I keep hearing about them, but I can't find them. Once again I really wish I knew my grandparent's conversion story. All I know is that they met missionaries in Toppenish and that my grandfather was a branch president in Zillah for a while. Then they moved to the other side of the state.

I think I really am going gray. I found another gray hair this week. Missionary work can be stressful- though maybe that means I am doing it wrong. I'm working on that. I know that I have to rely on Christ. He carries us through. I couldn't have gotten through the MTC without Him. I'm determining the Pros and cons of going gray at 22:

Pro- I'll look more mature/wise.
Con-I'm not really any more mature/wise.
Pro- I may be offered senior discounts by mistake.
Pro- It would look really cool to have a gray streak in my hair.
Con- It may one day seriously impede my dating life.
Pro- I won't have to worry about dating anymore. ;)

As you can see- this list is mostly positive. This is clearly going to be a good thing.

The most important thing to remember is to root our lives in Christ and His Atonement. If we repent every day we don't have to be afraid of what the world might throw at us. We will rise each time we fall. This week I did a really fun study where I found all 12 steps of the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program in Mosiah 27-28, Alma 17, 26, and 36. That was a great study. It is so important that we truly have a change of heart each time we repent and that we replace our negative behaviors with positive ones. I know that Christ can help us.


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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