Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween

This is the only Autumn that I get on my mission. I get 2 winters and 2 springs, but really only one Summer and Autumn. I'm enjoying the colors, the apples, and the weather. One of our wards had an apple press and we got to take home some apple cider. We were warned that we need to drink it quickly because it might ferment. But it's great, so that won't be a problem.

I got a package from my mom this week with some of our traditional Halloween sugar cookies that remind me of my childhood. I look forward to those every year. I feel bad that Mom has to make them herself this year. Usually somebody else is there to help her. They look like Jack-o-lanterns with their orange frosting and faces made of Candy corn and chocolate chips.

We don't get to go to the Trunk-or-Treat because we have to be in at 6 on Halloween night. That's okay though. We will have fun planning our lessons and carving pumpkins inside.

Yakima has a lot of people who really get into the Halloween spirit with their decorations- but most of the people in our little community claim that they don't get many Trick-or-Treaters. We are considering giving out candy to the people we talk to on Halloween just for fun.

Sister Donnelly and I enjoyed another primary program yesterday. Those little children are so innocent. They bring the spirit with their simple testimonies. Their songs are so sweet. It made me think of what the Savior said "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Also, I learned to drive in the mud. We had a rainstorm and I got to drive up a hill on a dirt road in the rain. I was so scared. The Lord comforted me as I prayed for help. I know that He guides us and that He cares even about the little things.

Sister Caroline Faulkner

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