Monday, October 13, 2014

Eternal Truth

I learned something yesterday. I learned that Satan pushes you the hardest at the most pivotal moments. He doesn't want you to win and he wants you to give up. I know that when we are faithful in the hardest times we can have access to the greatest blessings.

By our faithfulness we show the Lord what we really want. I get to show the Lord by my actions if I want to have His blessings, or Satan's deceptions. Helaman37:35

Being a missionary, I've learned to look at people for their potential. I see how if they are faithful, they can be filled with the power and strength that comes from our Father in Heaven and they can, through Him, become mighty, pure, and full of light. The Savior died for us because He could see what we could become and He knew that we couldn't do it alone. Our potential is valuable to Him.

I've been sick this week- so has the entire town. I lost my voice. That was fun because everyone we talked to brought it up. That's okay though. I sound mostly normal again.

I have a new companion. Her name is Sister Caitlin Donnelly. She entered the MTC when I did. We have a lot of fun.

I got to see Sister Owens at transfers. I missed her, she's a gem. It was a great moment of reunion.

Sister Allred was really sad to leave. Things were just starting to pick up here. It was so hard when we got here. I think that happens a lot when you get doubled-in. It takes time to get things moving. She loved this area so much. I know that the Lord needed her somewhere else, though.

We are starting to see really great things happen here. I love this area so much. We will continue to see miracles, I know it.

We had a baptism on Sunday. The young lady being baptized has waited for years. Now that she's 18, she can. She is so happy. It is a privilege to be able to be there for that moment in someone's conversion. Just another joyous step closer to our Father in Heaven. It's the first covenant that we make, the way that we show that we want to follow Christ.

Another eternal truth I've learned is that those things that last the longest are the most important. That means nothing should be able to get in the way of my relationship with God or my family.

Lastly – all stake centers have confusing layouts. But that is okay. We find our way around anyway.

Be strong. Keep fighting for the truth.


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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