Monday, February 10, 2014

Love is Lovely

Happy Valentine's Day!

Missionary work is all about love. I don't really know anything about St Valentine, and as a missionary romantic love isn't really our focus- but Christ's love is. We try to share that love that we feel from Christ with the people that we teach.
Our Heavenly Father loves us, and because He loves us He created a plan for us to return to Him after this life. We couldn't do it alone, so He sent Jesus Christ to make it possible. Christ came because His Father sent Him and because He also loves us. His mortal life was marked by love, and because He still lives and loves us, He continues to guide us as He did in the past through a living prophet, the scriptures, and through the Holy Spirit. All that we teach as missionaries  comes back to love.
Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven again as families after this life if we so choose. We can be forgiven and made clean from our past sins when we repent and try to be more like Christ.
We have a special word for Christ's love- Charity.
Obviously we are not perfect. We cannot truly be like He is, but He has the power to help us improve and to fill us with love for others.
As missionaries, we go about bringing people to Christ because they are God's children, and their salvation matters very much to Him. So when we knock on your door and you think "How can these people possibly care about me when they don't even know me?" remember that God loves you and Christ loves you. As representatives of Jesus Christ, we love you as well. We cannot truly understand His infinite love for you, because it is beyond our capability to love anyone that much, but we love you with all that we've got.

This week, we walked through a lot of snow and ice. We talked to some nice people and some not-so-nice people. We invited our investigators to do some hard things. When one family agreed to give up tobacco so that they could be baptized and make covenants with Christ we were so happy. We were so happy to see how excited they were to learn about General Conference and how the prophet, the Apostles, and other leaders in the church share the words that Christ wants us to hear every 6 months. We were sad when people chose to stop meeting with us, or when they chose not to learn more. We were sad when they struggled to progress spiritually. But because of faith we don't give up. We know that Christ continues to reach out to people. 
"Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit." - Galations 6:18
Sister Faulkner
Moses Lake Washington

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