Monday, February 17, 2014


I have lots of food. People give us food, my mom sends me food. We buy food. I probably don't need anymore food. I have been trying to see how long I can go without buying groceries. It's going pretty well.
My Mom sent me some cereal and some pancake mix, but I refused to buy ANY food last week so I have been eating the cereal dry. Which is cool. Mom sent me syrup to go with the pancake mix- super nice of her but it didn't really work out, so I have been coming up with new things to put into the pancakes- all of which include chocolate. The following is a  list of strategies I have tried in order of success from least successful to most successful.
1. Butter
2. Hot chocolate mix in the pancakes
3. Peanut M&Ms
4. Lindor truffles- they melt.
5. Brownie mix in the pancakes
6. More Brownie Mix
7. Andes Mints
8. That second batch of brownie pancakes with Andes Mints
9. Plain with Hot chocolate mix on top.
10. Dove Dark chocolate hearts in the pancakes
My hypothesis is that the best combination out of these ingredients will be Dove dark chocolate pieces in the pancakes with hot chocolate mix on top of the pancakes. Don't worry. I have enough of all of these things.
If I decide to be bold my next move might be Fruit Smiles pancakes.
On Friday- Valentine's Day. One woman whom we had never met before turned her car around after passing us and pulled over so that she could hand us each a heart-covered plastic bag with lindor truffles inside of them. She said. "I remember tracting. You need Valentines" That was sweet of her.
A note to all of you who feed missionaries in any way. Thank you. We love you. You are great. Those of us who serve in the Western United States (and maybe other places) receive an abundance of sweets. So many sweets. If you feed us- we love Salad and healthy foods. Really you can give us whatever you want and we will be grateful and eat it- but if you want us to be healthy. It is hard to get vegetables as a missionary.
Yesterday we held a special fast with two of our investigators. Fasting is one of those commandments that seems ridiculous until you try it. I believe it to be utterly divine. I could not have thought of it. I have received more strength and guidance through fasting, prayer, and scripture study combined than I could possibly pass off as coincidental or made up. I have a testimony of the power of fasting. I don't know how it works. I don't know why it works. I only know that when I go without food for two meals as I ask the Lord for help or guidance- help and guidance come and I am able to recognize the Lord's hand in my Life. I feel His love for me.
Hope you all have a great week.

Mark 9:23-24


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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