Monday, April 20, 2015

In Summer!

Summer is a miracle! The days are longer, it's not as cold, people are outside walking around at all hours of the day. Being a missionary in the summer time is pretty fantastic- also we start harvesting all sorts of delicious fresh fruits very soon.

In Summer, you can knock on people's doors at night, and they don't get mad because it's still light outside so they don't feel like it's all that late. There are also frequently families together at home.
Technically, it isn't Summer yet. It won't actually be Summer until the day I give my homecoming talk in church (June 21st everyone is welcome) but it feels like summer, so I'm happy. We also have many beautiful flowers and these magical floating fuzzballs – that I've been told come from cottonwood trees – everywhere. Although no one has been able to point out which tree that is yet.
We have two really golden people getting baptized on Saturday. They are some of the most prepared people I've ever met. It's pretty cool.

A recent convert in the Branch gave his farewell address. It was really cool. He is on fire and it is great to see a recent convert doing so well. It's a testimony that even though it's hard for a lot of converts to hold on - they can make it. He is helping his family to come closer to Christ as well. He goes to the temple this week. We are so excited for him. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

I heard from the Pendleton Sisters that the gentleman I taught that got baptized in Walla Walla is still active. He got baptized August 23rd. He's doing really well. That brought me more joy than I can describe.

 I just got a letter that a family I started teaching while I was in Selah is getting baptized May 9th.I am excited to be there for them on that day. I've also heard that they young man that got baptized after I left is still doing really well.
I don't use names because I don't want to share them, not because these people are not precious to me. I hope that you all know that. I love these people so dearly it's hard to describe.
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Faulkner

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