Monday, January 26, 2015

One Big Awkward Moment

My trainer told me a long time ago that a mission was like one big awkward moment that lasts for 18 months. I believe that. It isn't a bad thing – It's just a thing. Sometimes it's really funny.

Somebody who didn't want to keep his appointment left us this note last week. It was the best drop I have ever received. It's not the only drop note I've ever received, but it is the only one that came with candy taped to it.

Missions are a big awkward moment because people break social norms when they talk to missionaries, and missionaries break social norms to talk to people.


When you and your companion pull over so that you can talk to a person walking down the street.

Or when you walk up to a person in a car and knock on their window to talk to them about their faith.

We have a blast…

Another thing missionaries have to get used to is silence. Sometimes people need a minute to think, or to feel the spirit. Sometimes we need a minute to let the spirit tell us what question to ask, or what scripture to use to meet a person's need. It's only an awkward silence if you're not a missionary.

We also get really bad at talking to people about things that don't have to do with the scriptures. Most of us start avoiding people of the opposite gender unless we think they need a message about Jesus Christ. That's why you get a returned missionary in your school or your place of work and they are difficult to talk to. I've heard it wears off. I haven't really experienced too much of that, but my poor companion has got it really bad. It's a good thing.

We have a hard time being alone too. You lose sight of your companion and it's like the end of the world. We get really awkward really quickly.

We got to show someone the temple this week before he got baptized on Saturday. That was a joyous occasion. We walked him around the grounds and talked about all that is ahead of him. The spirit of the temple is powerful, even on the outside.

I love this work. I love the spirit that we feel. Every day is a new adventure. Crazy things happen each day and it's the best.

This is a pre-baptism picture of some people's feet. Since I didn't ask permission to put up a picture of his face.

Have a great week!


Sister Caroline Faulkner

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