Monday, July 14, 2014

Come Unto Christ

Sometimes we think that we have to wait for just the right moment when the kids are quiet and the house is clean and our mind is free of distractions. Then we will read our scriptures, sesk the spirit, come to church, give up smoking, serve someone else, or mend a quarrel. I have a message for you. It isn't going to get any easier than it is right now.

If Satan knows that he can expend just this much effort to keep you from the Spirit, he will continue to do so. The Spirit does not come in uninvited, but the devil comes in when you leave the door open just a crack. Satan's a jerk. You have to show him that he isn't welcome and that you aregoing to serve God no matter what gets in your way.

So let us ask ourselves the question "What is keeping me from feeling the Spirit today? What can I change in my life to open myself more to God's guidance and to keep Satan's influence out of my home, my life and my mind?"

Another thing that we have to understand is that the scriptures take the Spirit to us. We don't take the Spirit to the scriptures. That's not to say that we shouldn't spiritually prepare ourselves to be open to what God needs to tell us in the scriptures, at church, at the temple, at General Conference, or at any other opportunity to receive revelation. What I mean is that these things will be beneficial to you even when you are in your dark and distracted moments. If you are beset by temptation that is a great time to listen to a conference talk. If your testimony is struggling you should be going to church. You don't have to be perfect to go to church - otherwise no one would be allowed in. As Jesus Said "They that are whole have no need ofthe physician, but they that are sick". You can go to God at any time. You can open up the scriptures and He will give you help if you are truly seeking help and if you have real intent to follow Him. 

My plea is that we turn to Christ a little bit every day so that we don't get lost down some forbidden path. We need to look to Him every day. If we put it off, it will only get harder. I promise that there is no point that we can reach where He cannot reach us. There is no place He will not go to set us free and it is His work and His Glory "to bring to pass theimmortality and Eternal life of Man" Moses 1:39. The worth of your soul isgreat in God's sight.

Sister Caroline Faulkner

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