Friday, December 13, 2013

A Center of Training

The MTC is... challenging. 

(Picture of the MTC taken from

I love it. I've learned so much. I really can see myself changing. I can also see a little bit more clearly just how far I have to come. I couldn't do this without the help of Jesus Christ. It's weird to think that on Wednesday I will be in the field with my new companion teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I'm discovering just how difficult it can be to spend all of your time with another person. You have to be super honest with them, and consider how your words affect them, and be patient when they accidentally step on your metaphorical toes. I have three roommates that I spend almost every moment of every day with. They are fantastic missionaries and I feel honored to know them. I can feel their love for Jesus Christ- still we are all human and we end up having to talk a lot of things out patiently.

Sister Karony and I had the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir this week. It seems like so long ago (every day here feels like a week). We sang a beautiful arrangement of "The First Noel." I want to say that the MTC Choir is the most powerful choir I've ever performed with.


We really bore our testimony through song. I am sad that we can only perform at one devotional while we are here- since we are only here for one Tuesday.

The Devotional address was given by an Apostle - Elder Cook. It was a really good talk. It was cool to listen to a man who regularly assigns mission calls by the power and authority of God testify that our assignments aremade under God's direction. I testify that He is an Apostle of the Lord. Also, singing for an Apostle is cool.

I'd like to give a shout out to those who sent me mail either through Dear Elder or through the postal service.

I love mail. I really feel supported. I know that there are people praying for the missionaries and praying for me personally and it brings great joy to my soul. I'd like to make a suggestion- pray for those that the missionaries are teaching, and for those whom we have not yet found. They need your prayers too. You can even pray for missionary experiences in your own life.

It is harder to share the truth with people that you've known all your life than it is to share with people you just met on the street. I know this. I've tried. Still, I ask that you don't give up. Get to know your friends and neighbors, don't give up on that one inactive family you home teach. The Lord aches for them to return to Him. They are his beloved children. 

Because of technical difficulties I am still working on getting pictures up.

Do you know what that means? That means that in some post in the near future, you will have bunches of pictures all at once. It will be like Christmas for you.

I am going to have to work on chilling out. I am a super high-strung, letter-of-the-law kind of person. It bugs people. I am not mean about it, but I think my energy gives my companion anxiety attacks. I am continually inspired by her faith and commitment.

Thanks again to Lisa for posting this.


Sister Faulkner

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